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Many of the reviews on this website were conducted by persons who received a complimentary PMD device in exchange for their honest opinions.
A few of these experts were paid to review the device.
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    • "Is the Personal Microderm worth it? DEFINITELY! I find this product very valuable. If you are someone that goes to the dermatologist or the spa frequently – you can give your checkbook a rest and get this product instead. The frequency of use depends on your skin type. I use it every other week for now. Each time, my skin feels baby smooth and soft and I notice with each treatment, I feel more confident with its use and my manipulation of the tool."
    • ~ Nat
    • "A little exfoliation goes a LONG way. I know this, I understand this, I DO exfoliate yet my face always seems to need a little MORE exfoliation. I've tried just about every product out there to combat this problem, but with mediocre results. All it took was one home dermabrasion treatment with the Personal Microderm System to rock my world, and FINALLY give my face the finish I've been wanting. There are also in-home microdermabrasion creams and scrubs on the market that are not mechanical. I've used a bunch of these products, but have never come close to getting the results I got with the Personal Microderm."
    • ~ Angie
    • "I've saved time, money, and stress having the Personal Microderm in my own home"
    • ~ Cindy
    • "After using the Personal Microderm, I can barely see my pores and my skin looks better and better everyday!"
    • ~ Piera